Buyers and Sellers

For buyers the final value of an item purchased at auction is only one bid increment higher than a competing customer was willing to pay. Items offered at auction give the buyer a period of time to review and plan their purchase, research the perceived value and make a calculated decision prior to the event or the point of sale.

For sellers, auction gives the greatest opportunity to generate the most money in a given amount of time with the fewest problems. Plus auction, an age old word, has a very new meaning in the Twenty-First Century. Just think, from this web-site Shane Maxwell & Co., Auctioneers LLC has the ability to market your antiques, jewelry, firearms, home furnishings, business or agricultural holdings to the entire world.

Auctions today offer many options, from the traditional live on-site auction to various other live on-site /live on-line events. With the today’s electronic and photographic transfer capabilities, auctioneer and customer can communicate with each other to formulate which means of bidding may suit the buyer’s situation.

When ready, willing and able sellers offer their property to ready, willing and able buyers, a fair market value is established. When both are fully committed, good things happen. The seller has found an economic solution to their situation and the buyer now possesses the item being sought through free enterprise. Shane Maxwell & Co., Auctioneers LLC can make good things happen.